3 Best Free Paraphrasing Tools Online – Rewrite Your Content Using AI

Plagiarism will always remain your worst enemy, whether an academic writer or a digital marketer. Plagiarism is not necessarily intentional every time. 

Possibly anyone can find plagiarism on their hands unintentionally since excess information is available on the internet. But we’re here to discuss its solution, which is available in the form of an online paraphrasing tool.

best paraphrasing tool online

Online paraphrasing tools are beneficial to save us sufficient time to adhere to deadlines. These tools are practical for all writers to perform as their helping hand in creating unique content.

But there are so many online options for paraphrasing tools, and each of them is designed to meet particular needs. 

This article has featured three AI-based online paraphrasing tools that can write in multiple writing styles, covering the needs of content marketers, academic writers, and online businesses. Let’s start by discussing the features and working of each tool.


3 Best Free Paraphrasing Tools Online - Rewrite Your Content Using AI

When we talk about online tools, there are often limitations of features with each of them. An ideal paraphrasing tool expands the knowledge of its users. The Prepostseo.com paraphrasing tool provides many options for creating unique and readable content in various styles.

Multiple Language Support

This tool offers more options than any other article rewriting or paraphrasing tool available online. With this online tool, you won’t find any limitations on language. It supports rephrasing in 18 different languages, so you don’t have to translate it into English every time.

AI-Based Paraphrasing

This AI-based tool works with NLP technology to present four different human-level paraphrasing options. You can get different outputs of the same original text to vary the type of synonyms in the highlighted form.

The rephrasing type also varies from your targeted niche. Each paraphrasing mode differs in tone and use of words. Suppose you want to maintain a formal style. It’s best to go the advanced way. If you’re targeting an informal niche, go for the ‘Fluency’ or ‘Creative’ mode.

Free and Easy to Use

The best thing about this paraphrasing tool is that it is free to use. There are no character or word limitations on each use. Nor are there any limits on per day or month usage. You can rephrase multiple articles at a time and create readable articles in one sitting.

This interface is reasonably easy to understand, even for first-time users. It allows pasting text directly in the input box or uploading files from online or system storage. These options save time and permit paraphrasing a complete article at a time instead of rephrasing in portions.

Best Use for:

  • Since there are no limitations, you can rewrite full-length articles and essays with it
  • Bloggers and content writers can produce readable content with this tool
  • Rephrased content reduces the chances of plagiarism in the content
  • Various paraphrasing options allow bettering meaning with synonym comparison
  • Students and researchers can maintain uniqueness and fluency in their academic writing


3 Best Free Paraphrasing Tools Online - Rewrite Your Content Using AI

Creating unique content has never been so easy. Paraphraser.io provides the most simplified interface for creating unique content in several different ways. This tool provides quick access options like summarizer and grammar checker to enhance your content’s quality further.

Create SEO Optimized Content

This tool is designed to bring human-level paraphrasing to your hands with optimized content. With state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, this tool gets you several options to identify the most relevant set of synonyms against prominent words and phrases.

Unlike some other paraphrasing tools, Paraphraser.io maintains the original meaning of the content by understanding the actual context. The AI-based NLP technology gives us several options to rephrase content that can be selected from the interface.

No Plagiarism

Once your content goes through Paraphraser.io, there is no chance of duplication. This accessibility makes this tool ideal for bloggers and digital marketers looking to create unique and readable marketing copies of products.

Paraphrase Anywhere Anytime

Besides being an online tool, Paraphraser.io is also available for your IOS & Android devices. The mobile application works under the same principles as the online tool. The mobile applications provide an instant way to copy and paste text without accessing the web browser.

Best Use For:

  • Suitable for teachers and students with the smartphone applications
  • Ideal for creating plagiarism free content
  • Best for creating marketing content and copywriting
  • Great for creating fluent and readable content
  • Ideal for maintaining originality without affecting the quality of content


3 Best Free Paraphrasing Tools Online - Rewrite Your Content Using AI

Paraphrasing tools are often required by the students who want to develop easy-to-read and plagiarism-free content for their essays and assignments. This tool is developed by understanding students’ needs and user experience. Let’s talk about its features and usage for creating unique content:

Removes Plagiarism

Every student struggles to overcome the trouble of dealing with plagiarism in their content. You can create unique content with one click. This tool provides the most relevant set of synonyms that fits the context of your essay.

The exact requirement is in demand by article writers and bloggers as they have to compete in the game of rankings. And for better orders, plagiarism-free content is the essential requirement. 

The tool changes the meaning of words and phrases. But you can’t compare the differences in the original and paraphrased text as the words are not highlighted in the output text. 

Quick Results

This tool gives you results in only a few seconds. It is pretty efficient, but due to having a word limit of 1000 characters, it doesn’t take much to paraphrase text. You can check 1000 characters for free, and unfortunately, there is no pricing plan to increase the word count.

This tool is ideal for rewriting meta descriptions, definitions, or short statements. It is also perfect to understand complex statements as the tool rewrites them in simplified form. You can also use this tool to paraphrase quotations and statements to feature in your content without getting plagiarized.

Best Use For:

  • Good for writing unique meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Paraphrasing quotations
  • Converting definitions into a simplified form
  • Avoiding plagiarism in content
  • It helps in simplifying formal statements


The demand for professional paraphrasing tools has increased in both academic and marketing niches. These tools simplify the writing job to focus on the other aspects, whether the academic or professional line of work.

These online tools are designed to simplify usage with the minimum steps possible. This concept enhances the user experience and makes the tool more efficient.

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