4 Different Ways to Connect Your Wireless Headphones to Your TV

Wireless headphones are great to watch your favorite shows, movies, and games without bothering your neighbors or your partner who is an avid reader. Also, these as opposed to your TV’s built-in speakers allow you to imitate an experience similar to a home theater speaker system without having to spend money on external speakers.

4 Different Ways to Connect Your Wireless Headphones to Your TV

Apparently, just like there are more ways to contact Cox TV packages, there are multiple ways to connect your headphones to your TV. Even if it’s not a smart one. Let’s explore your options:

1: Connect via Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Connecting your headphones to your smart TV via Bluetooth is fairly simple. If you have an older TV model that doesn’t support Bluetooth functionality, then a Bluetooth audio transmitter can help you out.

This device can connect to your TV via a 3.5 mm audio jack that’s typically there on the TV set. The transmitter plays the role of a proxy for adding Bluetooth functionality between the TV and headphones. You simply have to set pair the transmitter with the headphones and the setup is complete. Then, you can begin watching shows and movies the way you like. 

2: Use Your TV’s Built-In Bluetooth Support 

The simplest way of connecting your wireless headphones to your Tv is via Bluetooth. Chances are your TV supports Bluetooth but it’s not enabled. Check the service manual to learn how to enable Bluetooth.

Follow these steps to connect your headphones to your TV via Bluetooth:

  1. From the menu, go to the Bluetooth section
  2. Enable Bluetooth and restart your TV
  3. Once it’s enabled, go to the sound settings 
  4. Hit the Bluetooth option
  5. Now search for your headphones and hit connect.

Make sure your Bluetooth headphones are in pairing mode, and they’ll appear on the list. When you select your headphones, a message appears asking if you wish to pair the devices. Once you’ve confirmed, you’re ready for an immersive experience.

You’ll get a notification on your TV’s screen asking if you want to connect audio to the headphones every time you turn on the headphones when the TV is on. The TV speakers will be muted, and all sound will be directed to your headphones.

3: Get a Media Streamer

Set-top boxes known as media streamers allow you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies from the internet on your TV. Some of these streamers have a handy Bluetooth interface that lets you connect your wireless headphones. Let’s check out the names of these streamers and how to use their Bluetooth feature for connecting your headphones to your TV:

Amazon Fire TV

  1. Go to the service menu of your Fire TV and choose settings
  2. Go to controllers and choose Bluetooth devices 
  3. your headphones to appear in the “Discovered Devices” section 
  4. choose your headphones and wait for them to be paired 

Xiaomi Mi Box

  1. Go to the menu of your Mi Box
  2. Choose remote and accessories from the options 
  3. Hit add accessory
  4. Follow the prompts on the screens for pairing your headphones 


To use a Bluetooth connection for connecting your headphones to your TV, a third-party device is required. It’s also important for your Roku streamer and phone to be on the same wireless network.

Follow the steps for connecting your headphones to your TV on Roku:

  1. Download the Roku app on your tab or phone 
  2. Make sure your phone and Roku streaming device are connected to the same wireless network 
  3. Check the list of detected devices on your phone and connect your Bluetooth headphones 
  4. Now, launch the Roku app and tab on the remote tab appearing at the screen’s bottom 
  5. Active the pairing button on your Bluetooth headphone and the Bluetooth connection on the phone 
  6. From the screen of your Roku app, hit the headset icon
  7. You can now start streaming audio from the Roku streaming device to your headphones 


It’s important to note that PlayStations can only be used with specific Bluetooth headphones. However, as with your TV, adding a Bluetooth audio transmitter will get around this. But if you use a 3.5mm analog connector on your PlayStation 4 remote, this lets you attach wired headphones straight to the controller.

To use these wired headphones, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your PlayStation 
  2. Select “Devices” from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Go to “audio devices” and select the “output to headphones” option. 

You have now successfully enabled headphones on your PS and you can now start listening to audio. 

4: Enjoy the Dedicated Wireless Headphones 

Headphones that come with a base station are known as dedicated wireless TV headphones. The base station serves as a transmitter, which is connected to the TV and sends audio signals to the headphones.

The advantage of using a dedicated headphone is that you get instant access to a wireless audio connection to your TV.

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