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Didi Ke Bolo Phone No: You must know that in 2019, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee started the “Didi Ke Bolo” helpline so that the general public of West Bengal could report the problem directly to the government.

There is also a “Didi Ke Bolo” online portal so that the common people of the state can easily complain there. Below is the complete information on how you can complain on that portal. Also, we have below Didi Ke Bolo Phone Number, Didi Ke Bolo Email Address & Didi Ke Bolo Whatsapp Phone Number so that you can contact them very easily.

Main Purpose Of Didi ke Bolo

It is open only to the people of Bengal, where they have the opportunity to share their various suggestions, complaints, difficulties & reactions directly with Mamata Didi.

Under the campaign, there is a team of more than 240+ members who will monitor the complaints lodged by the people of Bengal against any issue and inform the Chief Minister, who will then personally respond to the complainants through social media. So Mamata Banerjee herself has started this campaign with the aim of reaching out to the people.

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A senior TMC leader said the goal set by the TMC was to reach about 16 million households in Bengal in the next few months before the 2021 state assembly elections, comprising 80 percent of the total households.

Didi Ke Bolo Phone Number

Campaign NameDidi Ke Bolo (দিদিকে বলো)
Launched ByWest Bengal Government
Launched StateWest Bengal
Main ObjectiveTo solve the problems of the citizens
BeneficiaryCitizens Of West Bengal
Official Portal/Websitedidikebolo.com
Didi Ke Bolo Phone No9137091370
Official Email Address[email protected]
Starting Year2019

FAQ’s On Didi Ke Bolo Contact Number & Email Address

1) What is the Didi Ke Bolo Contact Number & Didi Ke Bolo Whatsapp Phone Number?

Answer: 9137091370 – You can talk to this official number every day of the week between 10:00 am – 7:30 pm between working hours.

OR, If you are still facing any kind of problem (for example- line busy) then you can also register your suggestions, complaints & Grievance on the official didikebolo.com portal.

2) How can I submit my supporting documents?

Answer: If you want to attach a supporting document, you can upload it to that online portal. Or, if there is any problem while uploading, you can mail the official mail ID to [email protected].

3) How can I meet the Chief Minister?

Answer: As far as I know, it is not possible for an ordinary citizen to meet the Hon’ble Chief Minister directly. However, even if not directly, it is possible to meet the Chief Minister in various ways. You can easily get those ways from the internet.

Here is one of those ways – you can approach the chief secretary for an appointment with a proper reason for the same. Then, he will present your request to CM who will decide on either to meet or to reject it.

4) Who is the personal assistant of Mamata Banerjee?

Answer: Gautam Sanyal, a citizen of our state and an Indian career civil servant, has been Mamata Banerjee’s personal assistant since 2015.

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