5 Streaming Apps/Platforms to Watch Movies At Home Or On The Go

With so many movies and TV shows releasing every other month, it’s hard to keep track. Watching every other new release in the movie theater is not just expensive but not safe because of the pandemic. In some regions, cinemas are closed entirely, which means you have no choice but to watch the new releases online.

5 Streaming Apps/Platforms to Watch Movies, Movie Streaming Apps

Luckily, streaming apps are here to save the day. Since there are so many of them, we have narrowed them down and chosen for you the ones with the best content and interface.

Sony Crackle

Sony Pictures is a well-known name in the film industry, and Sony Crackle stands up to its reputation when it comes to watching free movies online. Sony Crackle boasts one of the best free movie libraries available, featuring a mix of classics and new blockbusters. If your goal is to become a subscriber of Spectrum TV packages, but you can’t afford it, for the time being, Sony Crackle is not a bad option to watch movies and TV shows.

This movie player is simple to use and runs nicely. This is an ad-supported platform which means you’ll have to sit through a few commercials. But they are not that overbearing. Sony Crackle has a free and paid version. Go for what suits your needs best.

The devices it supports include Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and Amazon Fire devices.


The Tubi has both desktop and app versions. The app has the same genres and search features as the website, and each movie cover is large enough to see without having to tap on it. This platform hosts 35,000+ movies and TV series.

When you select a film, you will be taken to its description page, where you can find information related to the cast, release date, etc. To educate the app on what to recommend to you in the future, “like” or “dislike” a movie. Tubi is available for download on all your devices, including phones, tablets, streaming devices, and smart TVs.


Disney+ has been a huge hit so far. It is currently available in much of North and South America, most of Europe, and selected regions of Asia and Africa.

This paid platform is home to 7,000 TV episodes and 500 films. If you are a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney movies, and Star Wars films, this platform is worth your time and money.

It’s a terrific family option because of the variety of content available. It is available on all smart TV and smartphone platforms. The subscription costs $8 per month only.


Vudu has a large library of free movies but you will have to bear ads. They have one of the largest libraries any free movie app has ever hosted yet. Plus, they keep on adding new releases daily. You have the option of watching free movies in the quality of your choice.

There is no need to sign up while exploring the library however, a sign-up is required to start watching content. While Vudu is known for its rentals, you may go to the Free option and explore what free movies are available. the free movies are easy to detect because they have the “Free with Ads” label on them.


Roku is widely known for being one of the most popular streaming device manufacturers, but did you know it also has its own movie channel too? Even better, did you know that you don’t even need a Roku device to stream movies for FREE?

Although the movies available for free are not always new releases there is no harm in downloading an app that gives you free content? Who knows the titles you are searching for are available here!


Although Yidio’s free movie app only works on a few devices, it’s a very useful app to look for free movies.

You may sort the films by release date, ratings, and genre, and you can even hide the ones you’ve previously seen. There is one drawback though because most of the movies aren’t hosted on Yidio’s website, you will be directed to download other apps like Crackle or Vudu. Hence, you would be better off having Vudu or Crackle instead.

The Yidio app is compatible with iOS, Android, as well as Amazon Kindle. This is a nice-to-know streaming app because there are good chances you will find a movie here that’s not available on other platforms.

Summing Up

When it comes to watching free movie apps, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions and the privacy policies of the streaming services you choose. copyright is a huge deal. It can make you lose your internet connection too and land in legal trouble. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

Note: All the apps mentioned on this list are legal to watch free movies.

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