Apple's September Event: iPhone 14, Apple Watch Pro and More

It's only about a month until Apple's annual September event, which will focus on new iPhone 14, Apple Watch models & More. 

According to a recent tech report, the iPhone 14 will be significantly more pricey for its predecessor.

It is expected that the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max iPhone 14 Pro Max may be priced from $899 to $1199.

We don't have anything crystal clear yet, until these numbers pan out next month.

At this event, Apple may showcase its next-generation, more advanced AirPods Pro. 

Hopefully It Will Come With A Different Design, The Next Version Of The H1 Chip And Improved Audio Quality.

This year it's not just the Apple Watch Series 8 we're getting the new Apple Watch Pro as well.