Know what to do if your luggage is delayed, lost or damaged?

If your luggage is delayed, first check other areas in the airport, then report your problem by filling out forms at the airport and informing your airline.

If your luggage is lost, check your airline's claims and compensation policy on the airline's website information.

 After That Claim Liability Limits Are $3,800 For US Domestic Flights And $1,780 For International Flights As Per DOT Regulations.

If you find that your luggage is damaged while at the airport, report it there immediately without delay. 

According to the DOT, the airline will not pay you if the items are damaged due to your improper packing, or if the airline made a mistake, it will pay you.

1) Try to book nonstop flights before going to the airport. 2) Take pictures & videos of your luggage and all the items that come with it. 


3) Also, use the baggage tracking system. 4) Avoid carrying fragile items, electronics, perishable items.