Toys R Us reopens in 9 states & more store are  'coming soon'

As we all know, Toys R Us. is everyone's favorite children's toy store, it's officially back in 9 states.

According to Macy's website, Toys R Us currently has a total of 30 locations in only California stores. They also said more stores are "coming soon."

Current Toys R Us store locations are in California, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada, New York, Maryland and Missouri.

Macy's also said it may add another 500 to 3,000 square feet of stores during the holiday season, just to offer a "broader assortment of products."

The larger locations are expected to be Macy's flagship stores in Atlanta, Honolulu,  Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, New York City and San Francisco.

The toy brand returned to Macy's as part of a partnership with WHP Global, which acquired the Toys R Us brand in March of the previous year.