How You Can Use Invisible Text on Your Social Media Platforms

Want to keep your friends’ eyes on stalks with the jaw-dropping invisible text on social media?

Social media platforms are on the boom nowadays, providing you the environment to connect, interact, and make good friends all over the world. 

 Use Invisible Text on your Social Media Platforms

As you want to look different on social media to fascinate your friends, you go to whatever length to surprise others.

Invisible text becomes a treat for social media lovers like you. This guide will teach you how to do it.

What is invisible text?

If you haven’t heard of it before, you need to know about it now to attract more eyes to your profile. You can also say it as empty text or characters because it does not show on the screen what’s written. 

That’s why they are used for various purposes. In reality, they are Unicode characters. 

Unicode is also the universal character encoding standard that encompasses all the world’s languages and gives a code to each character.

Primarily, most of the text editors are compatible with the English language and contain a total of 128 characters only. 

With that said, there was a need to cater to the writing needs of other languages and symbols used in printable form.

Therefore, the Universal character set was developed in 1991 and it included almost 50000 characters.

Till now, Unicode has come on more than one version and has contained more than a million characters.

Out of these modern and historical scripts, Unicode also has some invisible characters that you can use anywhere to get nothing but empty space.

The characters are essentially the invisible text that you can use in your social media profiles in different ways to get noticed.

Google those characters and you can see some of these empty text as:

U+0020, U+00A0, U+205F, U+2006, and much more. All these characters will give an executable empty space when used in social media.

How you can use this type of text on social media?

When you talk about social media, you are actually speaking of all the platforms that help you connect with others virtually.

Needless to say, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp are probably the most used social media tools.

You can interact with others in many ways. Either you can post a status on Instagram, Facebook, or you can share your statuses on them. Moreover, you can also send messages to your friends as well.

In all the above ways you can use invisible characters in your text. 

In Statuses:

Your friends will be taken aback if you create empty characters. They will wonder how you did this and would ask you to tell them.

It’s pretty much magic to find a blank status because no one can create such statuses anyway except invisible characters.

Profile names:

You might have seen some Facebook profiles without a name. It is very much shocking to see such profiles in a go. People start scratching their heads to find that you do not have any profile names.

So, you can stun them with empty characters whenever they see your profiles. You have all the good reasons to sound cool and inevitably you will get more friend requests.

Empty messages:

You might have tried to send empty messages but couldn’t because simple spaces do not get counted as characters in ASCII code. 

However, you can create invisible text with Unicode characters and paste it into your messages and then send it. The receiver will be surprised to see such text and will get curious about your text.

How you can create empty characters?

Empty text is trending and you may like to know how to create them. You can either find Unicode from the internet and use it manually or you can use online tools for that purpose.

Keep one thing in mind, you always need some kind of medium to write on to test the working of the tool.

  1. Using Online Tool:

Editpad has been a noticeable platform to provide different writing tools. Besides other tools, it provides an invisible text tool. 

You can use this tool to generate blank text. This tool is an automatic Unicode character generator so it is quite handy to use. 

How You Can Use Invisible Text on Your Social Media Platforms

Instead of searching for empty characters, you can simply go on the tool to find the text you need without the hassle.

Moreover, it provides a copy option so you can copy the invisible text and paste it where required.

  1. Using Plain text editor:

You need to test every new tool you are using, no matter how many people recommend it. It is a good practice because it helps you develop trust and finds errors if possible in that tool.

An invisible text editor is no different. Before pasting the invisible text on your social media profiles, status, or chat, you need to first use this plain text tool. 

Such a plain text editor will let you know if the invisible text generator works properly or not. After pasting if your pointer moves left, your tool blank text tool is working properly.

How You Can Use Invisible Text on Your Social Media Platforms

Another way to check your empty text is through the word counter of this tool. The word counter shows the no of characters in the text.

 Paste your text and if you get some number of characters, your invisible text is legit. Now you can use them on your social media platforms easily.

Final words:

Do you want to create impactful profiles on social media through your text? You invisible text as it may help you get what you want.

Almost everyone on social media wants to look unique and attractive in their overall social media persona. 

So empty characters help them surprise their friends. You can use these characters to make show empty Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp statuses to others.

Moreover, you can remove your profile name and use empty characters to get a profile with no name. Also, you can use our IG line breaker tool to make line breaks on your social media platforms.

At last, you can use invisible text in chat messages to amaze your friends.

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